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    As a follow-up to our recent broadcast featurin...
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    Years ago I asked a young man who was engaged to be married, “How do you know that you love her?” It was a loaded question, intended to help him look at his heart’s motives for the upcoming marriage. After several thoughtful moments, he responded, “I know I love her because I want to spend the rest of my life making her happy.”

    Author: Bill Crowder
    Posted: October 31, 2014, 1:00 am

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    Our Daily Bread Podcast | Our Daily Bread

    Daily Devotionals

    Years ago I asked a young man who was engaged to be married, “How do you know that you love her?” It was a loaded question, intended to help him…

    Posted: October 31, 2014, 5:00 am


  • Just Thinking

    Mon - Fri 1pm.

    Today on Just Thinking, we bring you part one of a question and answer session from the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia where Ravi and fellow apologist Michael Ramsden answer questions about trust and the state of today’s church.
  • Insight For Living

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    Oct 30, 2014 - Nov 3, 2014

    Genesis 25:1-10

    Many people expect the twilight years of their lives to be characterized by four “uns”—unproductive, unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilling. How unfortunate! We don’t find that kind of thinking among the great men and women in God's “Hall of Faith.” For them, life remained meaningful right up to the end, filled with important decisions, joyful events, and purposeful involvements. As Abraham neared the sunset of his life, he clearly didn’t waste his retirement years sitting around feeling sorry for himself.

    Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith

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  • Living Truth

    Mon - Fri 9pm.

    ...somebody has said that if the stars only came out once a year, we would stay out all night and we would switch off all the lights to just enjoy the beauty of the sky. But because they are out every night, many of us never look. And privileges for which we need to be grateful, we often treat as rights about which we become grumbling when we don’t have what we would like.
  • Money Wise

    Mon - Sat 5pm.

    Compass-Hey Howard on -

    "Hey Howard" is a daily one-minute radio ministry of Compass-Finances God's Way. Each day, host Howard Dayton, answers listeners questions by taking a succinct, practical and biblical approach to every day financial issues.

    Howard discusses God's view on giving.
    Author: Howard Dayton
    Posted: October 31, 2014, 12:00 pm


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    Church Alive brings local messages from area churches to you each week.


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    One hour of contemporary Christian music featuring global and local artists with their the latest Christian hits!

    Check out Canadian Corner and the Apologetix song of the week.

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  • Unshackled

    Mon/Wed/Sat 11pm

    3328 Andrea Beane - Part 2: (Abortion, Alcohol, Drugs) Andrea's downward spiral is slowed when Aaron is saved in prison. As a joke, she goes to church with a friend, hears the Gospel but can't stop drinking. Aaron's witness and the Holy Spirit convict her and she prays for salvation. She and Aaron wed and eventually have a baby.
  • The Story Teller

    Sat 3pm. and Sun 12pm.

    Podcast ImageKaren shares openly about the deep issues of life including her struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. Listen as she shares her journey from darkness to light.
  • Keys For Kids

    Mon - Sat  7:30am & 7:30pm

    Raelyn reached for a bowl of nuts. She took a pecan and placed it between the jaws of a nutcracker. "Mom, in Bible club today, we had a lesson on hell," she said in a troubled voice. "It scared me. What if I go there when I die?"

    "Hell is a scary place," agreed Mom. "God created it for the devil and his angels. People who refuse to accept Jesus as Savior will join them there."

    Raelyn's brother Andy spoke up. "But if you ask Jesus to forgive you and

    you trust Him to wash your sins away, you'll go to heaven instead."

    "I've asked Jesus to be my Savior," Raelyn said slowly, "but I still worry about hell sometimes," She held the pecan carefully as she squeezed the nutcracker. But the nut slipped away, and the jaws of the nutcracker closed on her finger. "Ouch!" she wailed. She tossed the nutcracker into the bowl.

    "I don't want to crack nuts anymore," Raelyn decided after nursing the finger for a few minutes. "That hurt!"

    "You're scared of a little nutcracker?" Andy asked. "Not me! Watch!" He grinned as he put his finger between the jaws of the nutcracker. Then he put a book beside his finger. "Go ahead . . . squeeze it," he said, holding out his hand. Raelyn obliged, but the book kept the nutcracker jaws open. Andy laughed. "See, it doesn't even hurt!" he said.

    "The book took all the pressure--all the punishment--Andy deserved," Mom continued. "That's a pretty good example of what Jesus does for us."

    "I think I get what you're saying," said Andy. "We all sin and deserve to be punished in hell, but when we receive Jesus into our lives, He protects us from hell, sort of like the book protected my finger. Right, Mom?"

    Mom nodded. "Andy trusted the book to keep his finger safe, Raelyn, and we can trust Jesus to keep us safe, now and for all eternity. We can have the joy of knowing we won't go to hell. Instead, we'll be with Jesus in heaven."

    How About You?
    Do you worry that you might go to hell? Everyone has sinned and deserves to go to hell,
    but when Jesus died on the cross, He took that punishment for our sin. If you trust in Him, you don't need
    to worry about going there. If you haven't accepted Jesus, don't wait any longer. Receive Him right now and experience the joy of having your sins forgiven. (See the ABCs of Salvation at the end of this book.)

    Today's Key Verse:
    (Jesus) Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree . . . by whose stripes you were healed.
    (1 Peter 2:24)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Jesus took your punishment

  • Paws & Tales

    Sat 8am.

    Oct 31, 2014

    Psalm 23:1

    C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? But when wolves plan an attack, C.J. and Ned learn first-hand it's not as easy as it seems.

    Paws & Tales

  • Kids Corner

    Tue 4pm.

    Episode Summary:

    For Chamy, Spike and the gang, the science fair day will be a day full of wonder! With a surprise guest, enlightening displays, and a big surprise pop for everyone, the day is not what they expected. But the biggest surprise comes at the end of the episode for Chamy!

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    Verse: Psalm 8:3

    When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place …

    Do you enjoy being outside in God’s creation?

    Do you enjoy science?

    We can use all our senses- taste, touch, sight, smell, sound-   to observe the world. The senses draw attention to what there is to be seen in God’s world.  

    Psalm 65:8 says, “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.”

    Sing “songs of joy”. Maybe the sounds we make best are the “ahhs of wonders” or the  “ooohs of discovery”. Use science to study the God’s creation all around us.   

    In your science class or while you are outside, what has been your favorite discovery about God’s creation? 

    Full Devotion

    Discussion Guide:

     "[S]ince what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.  For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Romans 1:19-20

    We don’t have an excuse! Look around and see God’s fingerprints. Creation cries out and points to us that God is in control.

    A famous scientist Johannes Kempler points out, “The chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which He revealed to us in the language of mathematics.”

    Why study math? Why study science?  We get to see God’s order in planetary motion, in the atom, in DNA, in waves, and in the forces at work around them.  All of creation has rules to follow, and it is those rules that, once discovered, point to God as the creator.  

    Full Discussion Guide