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    Posted: November 28, 2014, 7:00 am



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    Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, is the name of a Labrador retriever pup that has some special friends. Amani lives with two young cheetahs at the Dallas Zoo. Zoologists placed the animals together so the cheetahs could learn Amani’s relaxed ways. Since dogs are generally at ease in public settings, the experts predict that Amani will be a “calming influence” in the cheetahs’ lives as they grow up together.

    Author: Jennifer Benson Schuldt
    Posted: November 28, 2014, 1:00 am

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    Our Daily Bread Podcast | Our Daily Bread

    Daily Devotionals

    Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, is the name of a Labrador retriever pup that has some special friends. Amani lives with two young cheetahs at the Dallas Zoo. Zoologists…

    Posted: November 28, 2014, 5:00 am


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    Do you ever wonder what the difference between Mormonism and Christianity is? What is Ravi’s response to the topic of the War in Iraq? Listen as Ravi answers these very different but important questions, on today’s Just Thinking.
  • Insight For Living

    Mon - Sat 6pm.

    Nov 25, 2014 - Nov 27, 2014

    Acts 9:1-22

    Alan Redpath wrote, “The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, the manufacture of a saint is the task of a lifetime.”

    There is nothing as miraculous as the turning of a soul from death to life in Jesus. And the more notorious the person who turns, the more skepticism we tend to have. “Are they really saved?” “They’re gonna have to prove to us that they are really living for Jesus now!”

    Adventuring with God: Following in the Apostles' Footsteps

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  • Living Truth

    Mon - Fri 9pm.

    ...all believers, in being gifted by the Spirit of God, are privileged to be involved in investing in building others up and bringing blessing to their lives and being a means whereby we are able to reach out into our world with that which only the disciple of Jesus Christ has to offer the world. Which is the means of life and spiritual regeneration as the Holy Spirit alone can work out in the lives of people.
  • Money Wise

    Mon - Sat 5pm.

    Compass-Hey Howard on -

    "Hey Howard" is a daily one-minute radio ministry of Compass-Finances God's Way. Each day, host Howard Dayton, answers listeners questions by taking a succinct, practical and biblical approach to every day financial issues.

    Picking Right Time To Talk About Money In Marriage
    Author: Howard Dayton
    Posted: November 28, 2014, 12:00 pm


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    Church Alive brings local messages from area churches to you each week.


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    One hour of contemporary Christian music featuring global and local artists with their the latest Christian hits!

    Check out Canadian Corner and the Apologetix song of the week.

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  • Unshackled

    Mon/Wed/Sat 11pm

    Dann Slator - Part 2: (World War II, Alcohol) Dann keeps getting in trouble after he joins the Marines and spends time in the brig, where he's brutalized until his captain springs him. His unit joins the Pacific war effort, including New Guinea, the Philippines and Okinawa, where their ship endures a typhoon. After the war he buys a motorcycle and marries Esther. They adopt two girls; he goes to church and then prays for salvation in a bar. He has a prison ministry, becoming known as Chaplain Dann.
  • The Story Teller

    Sat 3pm. and Sun 12pm.

    Podcast Image"I'm ready. If I were to die today, I know that I would go to Heaven." How can Jimmie say that? And how can she talk so confidently about death? Listen as shares the journey of her life and how she came to place her trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Keys For Kids

    Mon - Sat  7:30am & 7:30pm

    Patting the pocket on his shirt and finding nothing, Nathaniel searched all his other pockets. "Caleb, I lost it," he said, his heart sinking.

    Caleb frowned. "What did you lose now?" he asked his friend.

    "My brand new pen," Nathaniel answered. "The one my dad gave me for my birthday. He has never given me a present before, so it means a lot to me.

    I shouldn't have taken it to school."

    "Probably not, the way you lose things!" agreed Caleb as the boys continued walking home.

    When Nathaniel reached his house, he went to the kitchen to find his mother. He was surprised to see his father there, too. "I didn't know you were home," said Nathaniel. "Your car's not in the garage."

    "I lost my car keys, so one of the guys in our office brought me home to get another set," explained Dad. "He's waiting out in front."

    Just then Laurie burst through the back door. "It's terrible," she wailed. "I'm losing my best friend! Marissa just told me they're moving to Arizona next month."

    "Wow!" said Nathaniel. "Dad lost his keys, Laurie is losing a friend, and I lost my new pen. We're all losing things today. How about you, Mom? Did you lose anything?"

    Mom laughed. "Not me! At least not today!" she replied. "As your grandma used to say--it's a good thing your heads are fastened on, or you'd lose them, too!"

    "Yeah!" exclaimed Laurie. "That would be bad."

    Dad smiled. "Well, I'm glad there are also some other things--very important things--that we can never lose," he said.

    "Like what?" Laurie asked.

    "Oh . . . take the love of God, for example," Dad replied. "God's amazing love is always ours. And how about our salvation? Because God loves us, He offers eternal life to all who will trust in Jesus. He says they will never perish."

    "Hey, yeah," said Nathaniel. "So even though it seemed like we were losers, we're really winners!"

    How About You?
    Do you ever lose things? It's inconvenient if you lose a book, a homework assignment, your favorite baseball cap, or some other thing you're fond of or use regularly. Aren't you glad you'll never lose the most important thing--God's love? You can count on it for the rest of your life and for all eternity.

    Today's Key Verse:
    (Nothing) shall be able to separate us from the love of God.
    (Romans 8:39)

    Today's Key Thought:
    God's love is forever

  • Paws & Tales

    Sat 8am.

    Nov 21, 2014

    Psalm 51:10-12

    Ol' Gus tells the Bible story of Achan, a man who disobeyed God and suffered for it. Meanwhile, Marsha's food and blanket drive for the needy in Wildwood is coming together nicely. But when Marsha falls into temptation, she finds herself in Achan's place! It's a tale of biblical proportions!

    Paws & Tales

  • Kids Corner

    Tue 4pm.

    Episode Summary:

    Join the KC gang as Liz and Lucille face problem after problem helping Olivia and Roger to get married! Liz the wedding planner? Lucille a bridesmaid? Can Liz get the gang working together in time to give the wedding couple a special gift?

    Listen to this week's episode


    Verse: James 1:3

    “Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely.” (James 1: 2-18)

    Paul the missionary lived for many years in a prison. Experts say that he was in jail for almost six years. His Roman prison sunk about twelve feet underground and smelled horribly. It was very dark. Some of the guards were cruel. Prisoners were chained to the wall. They might have some straw to use as a bed.

    Paul’s life in prison was very difficult. But do you know what he did while he was in prison for preaching the gospel?

    In one prison, he and his friend Barnabas prayed and sang praise to God. They did not forget that the source of their strength was Jesus. In his Roman prison, Paul the missionary wrote three great letters to the churches of Ephesus, Colosse, and Philippi, as well as a personal letter to his friend Philemon. These letters today bless us as the Bible books of Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians and Philemon.

    God used Paul during his tough times to change people’s lives and give hope to other people who hurt. When things are tough, nobody likes that. God is there too in hard times. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

    Full Devotion

    Discussion Guide:

    The Bible does not guarantee a life without hardships. In the Bible, James is saying that when problems and difficulties come that they should be considered blessings. When hard times come in life, God’s working to help turn bad things into good things. God’s not punishing you, and it’s not bad luck. Just hang in there and keep doing the hard stuff, because there’s something happening inside that you may not be able to see. The hard things in life help your faith to become mature, grown up. And when you do the hard work, when you hang in there, God makes you ready for whatever he has ahead for you.

    Full Discussion Guide